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Sirat Al-Mustaqeem                              

Main Curriculum

Understand Salah - the easy way

Salah is the most important pillar of Islam. In this course students will learn word by word translation of the whole Salah; as well as translation of 18 Surahs from Juz 30.


Seerat un Nabi [Biography of Prophet Muhammad (saw)]

Biography of our beloved Prophet (saw) will be taught in detail.


Prophet Series

A prophet story video will be sent to the students to watch at home & complete a fill in the blank notes. In class students will share the lessons learnt from that Prophet’s story.

 Wives & Companions of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Prophet series will be followed by the biographies of the wives & companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


Teachings of Islam

Wide variety of topics will be taught to build & strengthens the foundation of Islam in our children.

  • Allah (swt) our creator

  • Pillars of Islam

  • Pillars of Faith

  • Thankfulness

  • Muslim festivals 

  • Islamic months

  • Rights of Fellow Beings (parents, children, poor, brotherhood etc.)

  • Etiquettes ( for conversation, gathering, eating, drinking, entering house, gathering etc.)

  • Bad Habits (back biting, anger, arrogance, boasting, jealousy etc.)

  • Cleanliness, Wudu, Funeral prayer, etc. 

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