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" My lord,Increase me in knowledge" Quran 20:114
Stars of Eman                           

This course will provide an Islamic foundation for life long learning and focused on Islamic manners and good moral characters. We strive to develop outstanding students who will be role models and shining stars.

Noor Ul Eman                         

The aim of this course is to provide deep understanding about basic concepts of Islam. We believe in building strong roots so that the students grow to become confident Muslims.


In this course students will be instilled the fundamentals of Islam. They will have the opportunity to learn more about their religion and its values and how to implement them in their daily life.

Sirat Al Mustaqeem                    


This course focuses on in-depth study of salat and its components. Students will also study all the Prophets including biography of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and will derive lessons to apply in their daily lives.

An-Noor                                          Highschool


This course focuses solely on the teachings of the Holy Quran & covers all the main themes. It is Sirat al-Mustaqeem students who are in high school and face different challenges of the current times. 

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