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An-Noor Youth                                  High School Students   

Main Curriculum

 Juz Review

In each class students will review one Juz of the Holy Quran, reviewing & discussing selected verses of the Juz. Selected verses will cover all the “Amr o Nawahi” (the Do’s & Don’t’s) from the Quran.


Main Topic

One topic will be selected from each Juz & will be presented & discussed in detail.


Verse from Juzz

After finishing a juz review; students will select the most impactful verse from that juz and will share their reasons of selecting the verse with the class.


Main Topics

  • Pillars of Islam (Tauheed, Salah, Saum, Zakat, Hajj)

  • Importance of Dua

  • Rights of Parents

  • Major Sins

  • Lessons for Youth from Prophet Yusuf’s story

  • Charity

  • Current times & lessons from Prophet Lut’s story

  • Heaven – a beautiful destination

  • Hell – a must no no!! …….. and many more topics

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