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Rules and Regulations

Parents and students must read and abide by the Rules and Regulations


  • No classes on Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha weekends, Ramadan and in August.

  • Students will receive a notification in the class and through an email/text for an observance of a holiday


  • All students must be punctual and must arrive not later than 5 minutes into the class.

  • Any late arrivals must be noted, recorded and reported.

  • Upon arrival, all students must take off and arrange their shoes and hang their coats accordingly.

  • Upon finishing the lesson, students must line up before leaving the class.

  • All students of Group 1 & 2 must be with their teachers until collected by their parents.

  • All students must be collected by not later than 10 minutes after the class. 

Any delays in collecting the child, the parents are held liable and are responsible to contact the teachers at the earliest possible time

ABSENCE / LATE ARRIVAL (sending or collecting your child)

  • In the case of absence, notify the teachers in advance.

  • Please contact the class teacher if you expect to arrive late either when sending or collecting your child

  • Please inform the class teacher if your child is expected to be absent from school for your family holidays or special occasions; or been absent due to illness

  • Parents are deemed the responsible parties in taking up this task and to communicate with the teacher.

  • CONTINUOUS ABSENCE of more than 3-consecutive weeks without prior written notification (by email or letter from parents) will allow the programme to remove the child from the register

  • CONTINUOUS LATE ARRIVAL (arrived after 1100) of more than 5 times within a period of 2-consecutive months without notification (by text or email from parents) and will allow the programme to send reminders to the parents and after the 3-reminders will entitle the programme to remove the child from the register.

(NOTE: Al-Hidayah programme only runs on Fridays and each day your child is absent, a considerable amount of lesson could have been missed. Please help your child and lessening the amount of catching up to do for the child and the class teacher.)


  • All teachers and students must wear appropriate clothing.


All students must respect the teachers and staffs at all time; and follow their instructions.

  • No bad language should be used at any time under any condition. 



  • Mobile phone or game consoles are not allowed at any time and must be switched-off during class at all times. 

  • In case of emergency, the student may seek permission to contact their parents.



  • Students MUST bring their basic stationeries such as: notebook, pen/pencil, rubber, sharpener etc.

  • All students must come prepared with basic stationery, class folder &/or with all relevant books and worksheets.

  • Each student is provided with folders, he/she must ensure it is kept in good condition. 



  • We strongly request for parents’ cooperation to help improve the child’s progress. 

  • Our program merely provides an extension of the Islamic upbringing that every parent is expected to conduct within their homes



It is agreed that students and teachers to work together to uphold school rules and codes of behaviour. 

  • Maintain punctuality in attendance

  • Revision and preparation of lesson at home assigned by the teacher

  • Follow the basic etiquettes of the school and the classroom

  • Be respectful to the teachers and adults

  • Be appreciative by saying “Jazak’allah” and “Please”

  • Support and encourage your peers

  • Transition quietly and orderly in and out of the classroom and school

  • Always tell the truth


Jazakumullah o Khairan Kaseerah

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