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Main Curriculum

Concept of Tawheed (Oneness of Allah)

Students will learn about the Allah, creations of Allah, different names of Almighty Allah (our creator). Students will also learn about the miracles Allah has shown to the prophets.

Foundation of Islam

We'll cover the following topic


  • Pillars of Islam – detail description and Allah’s ruling

  • Pillars of belief – (Eiman-e-Mujammil, Eiman-e-Mufassal)

  • Wudhu procedure in detail

  • Tiharrat (Self cleanliness)

  • Muslim Festivals

  • Islamic calendar months and events

  • Duas with explanation

Understanding Salah 

In this section student will learn whole Salah procedure and two Surahs (Al-Ikhlas & Al-Nassr) with translation word by word.

Prophet Series

Students will have a competition of Prophet’s tree. We’ll show videos about Prophet’s lives. Then we’ll engage students in discussions and will arrange some fun activities.

Seerat Un-Nabi (Life of Hazarat Muhammad – SAW)

Life happenings of our greatest Prophet Muhammad (SAW); his legacy, his childhood, his parents, revolution period, etc​







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